Imperfect to some, perfect to us

Not all fruits and vegetables look like what we see in the grocery store. Where does all that funny-looking produce go? Sadly, much of it gets thrown away or is left on the fields even though it tastes just like the uniform produce we see in the stores.

Hungry Harvest is one of the organizations that stop this from happening. They rescue those fruits and vegetables that don’t make the cut and deliver them to home cooks. In just a few years, Hungry Harvest has kept more than 9 million pounds of food from ending up in landfills – good news for our planet, our farmers, and our bellies.

We are delighted to have Hungry Harvest as our partner for Make Food Not Waste. Their donated “ugly” produce will be the base for the chefs’ delicious dishes throughout the day. Come try these dishes and you’ll see firsthand that these beauties taste just like standard vegetables. And hopefully, you’ll become inspired to pick them up next time you see them for sale.

Jess White, Hungry Harvest’s Detroit Market Manager, talked to us about Hungry Harvest and why they chose to support Make Food Not Waste. Read about her here!

Jess White, Hungry Harvest’s Detroit Market Manager

MFNW: Why is the issue of reducing food waste important to you?

JW: Every year, 40% of food goes to waste in this country. Meanwhile, 20 percent of Americans live in food insecurity. Working for Hungry Harvest has given me the opportunity to help mend a broken food system & ensure a more sustainable future by working every day to end food waste and eliminate hunger in my community.

MFNW: Why is an event like Make Food Not Waste important to the community?

JW: We all have to address our relationship with the timely and critical issue of food waste. This event brings together food manufacturers, retailers, restaurants, educational institutions, and organizations to raise awareness of a problem that we can only overcome together and across sectors.

MFNW: What do you hope to see as a result of this event?

JW: To raise awareness of a problem and inspire more people join the fight to shake up our broken food system and save the food!

MFNW: What is your favorite way to cut down on waste in your own kitchen?

JW: Proper produce storage! There’s nothing worse than seeing a perfectly good squash go bad because it wasn’t stored in the right container or seeing delicate fruit seemingly transform from “just right” to “too-far-gone” overnight.