The Upcycling Kitchens

We keep food from going to waste by
making sure it goes to feed people, not landfills.

Our Upcycling Kitchens, located in the Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church and Salvation Army Harbor Light, make use of all sorts of edible, nutritious foods that would otherwise have gone to waste. 

Upcycling Kitchen Detroit

What is an Upcycling Kitchen?

We take in surplus produce from farms, grocery stores, and other food distributors, as well as unexpected ingredients like leftover pierogi dough and other spare ingredients from local restaurants.

Each week, our team of chefs uses those rescued ingredients to create delicious, nutritious, and complete meals for the community. 

Got ingredients you think we could use? Contact us to start donating food >>

Our impact

Since our founding, we’ve diverted thousands of pounds of food from ending up in a landfill and used it to feed our local community instead.

Meals served & distributed

To date, we’ve made more than 85,500 free upcycled meals for our community.

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pick up every single week.
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Meals go to our partners Motor City Mitten Mission
& Everybody Eatz to feed their communities each week.
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Food saved

Each week we take in 1,000 lbs of surplus food from farms, grocers, and restaurants that would otherwise have ended up in the trash. 

Our talented team of chefs uses that food to create nutritious, delicious, and complete meals that we distribute for free each week to our community.

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How you can support the Upcycling Kitchens

Every Friday, from 9 am to noon, we distribute these meals for free to the community out of the Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church parking lot.

Come see us to pick up a meal or sign up to volunteer. 

Your donations help keep the Upcycling Kitchens running.