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This Christmas it’s so easy to focus on what we don’t have, that often we take for granted the things we do have. “Before this we were fine. I was fine, I was making good money," said Detroit single mother of three Jeanetta Riley. "But this right here? This pandemic? We’re not fine right now.”
The NRDC Food Matters team is excited to announce the next phase of our work to reduce food waste in cities. We are expanding the Food Matters Regional Initiative into the Great Lakes region with the goal of furthering larger-scale change related to food waste at a regional level.
The business of getting food on our plates, and the paths it takes to get there, have been disrupted by COVID-19 in ways that require flexibility and adaptation at all levels of the industry. This month’s Crain’s Michigan Business examines how that is playing out in food transportation, restaurant business models and even in food waste.