Interview – Stephanie Osborn

Studies Show Good Health Is All Important 

Make Food Not Waste went live thanks to the countless hours of our 30+ volunteers who have worked together over the past year to create an event that will inspire thousands of people to waste less food at home. One of our most dedicated organizers, Stephanie Osborn, Wayne State University’s Community Health Pipeline Program Manager, talked to us about what this event means to her.

“After working in both vegetable and meat production, I know how many resources, sweat, and tears go into making our food, and the thought of throwing it away after all of that work is sad and frustrating, especially when considering how great the environmental, health, and monetary impacts of food waste can be. It’s great to know you can help solve a big problem, and that the steps to take are so small!

The Make Food Not Waste event is important to the Detroit community for many reasons. It will bring awareness to an issue that affects us all. It has the potential to reduce hunger in our community, thereby improving health and quality of life. It will bring people together to network and share information and ideas. And I hope that it will start a long conversation about how we can build a sustainable Detroit that makes sure no one goes hungry while also critiquing and reducing its waste stream.

Stephanie Osborn, Wayne State University’s Community Health Pipeline Program Manager

Loving to garden, I also love to compost. We compost as much as we can knowing that in a few weeks we will have rich nutrients to add back to our garden. We store scraps in old coffee containers on our counter, and just take them out when it is convenient. It’s a great way to turn in our food waste into something we can use again.”

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