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Help support our mission to keep food out of landfills and slow climate change by creating lasting solutions to food waste through education, food upcycling and advocacy.

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Take the 7-Day Food Waste Challenge

We’re partnering with Planet Detroit to share a week’s worth of easy, fun strategies to form new habits that make a BIG difference. 

You’ll get a ton of great tips like:  

  • Tactics for organizing and storing your food so it lasts longer
  • Easy and adaptable recipes ideas
  • Strategies for shopping smarter
  • A crash course on compost
  • And more!
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Volunteer with us

Lend a hand at the Upcycling Kitchen. You can help prep food, package meals, and distribute them to the community.

Every Friday, from 10 am to noon, we distribute these meals for free to the community out of the Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church parking lot.

Help up make a bigger impact

We’re a community of people who know that food is better eaten than wasted. It’s better for your budget, better for our community, and better for our planet.

As a nonprofit, we rely on your donations to help make Detroit and beyond a better place to live and eat. If everyone reading this donated, we could achieve our goals for years. Please join us!

For a mail-in donation, please make checks payable to Make Food Not Waste and send to
Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church, 8625 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48124

Reduce your food waste at home

Learn new ways to reduce food waste. Check out our food waste reduction and ideas resource section.

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