Detroit food organization index

In order to solve food waste, we need to bring together many different strategies and tackle the issue from multiple angles. These organizations work on issues of food rescue, composting, food security, and improving our food systems in Detroit.

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  • Food rescue
Volunteer-based food rescue that transfers surplus food from local businesses to social service agencies serving the food insecure.
  • Food insecurity
Provides meals, clothing, personal care products, and other services to those who need it.
  • Food insecurity
Provides food, clothing, and personal hygiene products to those who need it.
  • Composting
Residential and business compost pickup/provider servicing most of Metro Detroit.
  • Food systems
Education, advocacy, and policy work to create a sustainable, local food system that promotes food security, food justice, and food sovereignty.
  • Food systems
Education and skill-building in culinary arts, agriculture, and hospitality.
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