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Spark creativity
in your kitchen.

Detroit chefs, mixologists, and bakers share how to make food go further. Highlighting new (and old) recipes that cross cultures, this five-episode series will show how delicious it can be to waste less. Experience the rich diversity of the city’s food scene and learn how you can spark creativity in your kitchen. 

Feed people, not landfills

Featuring mixologists Raven Love of Double Strained Collective and David Martinez

Featuring chefs Ederique Goudia of Gabriel Hall and Asta Acosta of Asty Time

Featuring Ale Carreon of Pizza Plex and Chefs Brittiany Peeler and Le’Genevieve Squires of Relish

Featuring chefs Omar Anani of Saffron de Twah and Hamisi Mamba of Baobab Fare