Hack your vegetables

We would never recommend coming to blows with your vegetables, but we can recommend some ways to revive, use up, and make the most of what you’ve brought home or grown. Common Problem: Limp Lettuce Hack: Those greens (and carrots, celery, and green beans…) that you left in the fridge a little too long can […]

For the love of soil

Looking for ways to reduce food waste at home? Compost! Decide what the right method of composting is for you and your living space.  If you have a yard, find an out-of-the-way spot for your compost pile or purchase a compost bin or tumbler. If you choose to use an open-air pile you’ll want to […]

Cooking for the smaller household

Let’s face it, groceries are just not packaged with the smaller household in mind. Packs of meat, bundles of herbs and big boxes of snacks meant for 4-6 people can lead you to toss food before you can get to eating it. Luckily, there are some easy fixes that can stop you from filling up […]

Be inspired

Chefs know that the secret to great-tasting food often comes from using up bits and scraps in creative ways. These restaurants participated throughout September and created delicious dishes that make sure food doesn’t go to waste. We have some of these recipes on our website so you can try them at home!

Tell Michigan to focus on food waste for a healthy climate

Michigan just put out a first draft of the Michigan Healthy Climate Plan—the roadmap for our state’s climate future.  It’s a great start, but we think it needs to go further, especially in regard to reducing food waste.  From now until March 14th, Michigan is accepting public comments on the draft plan. This is a […]