Help us eliminate food waste in Michigan.

We’re Make Food Not Waste–a community of people who know that food is better eaten than wasted. It’s better for your budget, better for our community, and better for our planet.

Our mission is to keep food out of landfills and slow climate change by creating lasting solutions to food waste through education, food upcycling and advocacy.

Vegetable group - Make Food Not Waste - Creating lasting solutions to food waste in Detroit

The Upcycling Kitchen

We keep food from going to waste by making sure it goes to feed people, not landfills.

Upcycling Kitchen Detroit

Our Upcycling Kitchen, located in the Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church, makes use of all sorts of edible, nutritious foods that would otherwise have gone to waste. 

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ending food waste.

What is wasted food?

Wasted food is food that doesn’t get eaten but instead gets disposed of in the garbage or down the drain. 

Some of this includes inedible parts of produce like cores and stems, but a large amount of it is perfectly edible food that was wasted instead of eaten. 

In fact, Americans throw away 40% of the food we grow, and most of that waste occurs in our homes and consumer-facing businesses. 

Households make up 37% of wasted food and consumer-facing businesses account for 28%. 

While that means individuals are responsible for a lot of food waste, it also means that each of us can make a big impact on the problem by changing how we interact with food at home, when we shop, and when we eat at restaurants.


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